Ananya Treasure

Ananya Treasure is founded by Soniya Thapa with the passion to bring a connection between the farmers of the Himalayan region of Nepal and Canadian consumers who love drinking tea. Soniya was born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal and after moving to Canada, she now calls Canada her second home.

The majority of people start their day with either tea or coffee, where most purchase their products from the large grocery stores. Most of these products are fairly generic, mass produced and of lower quality. When Soniya was looking for her own tea to drink, she kept looking for something that made her feel like she was back home, in Nepal. It was at this point that she started looking at the various tea houses of Nepal, and what was available in Canada from them. She discovered there were none that she could find. This gave Soniya the idea to promote Nepali tea farmers from the Himalayan region of Nepal; those who put a lot of effort to grow quality organic tea. This was an opportunity to give Canadians a chance to experience the real flavour of organic premium tea.

While researching up the various tea houses, Soniya choose two major tea states: Pathivara Tea Estate and Kanchanjangha Tea Estate, where the teas were grown in the high altitudes of Himalayan region. These two tea estates are the starting point of her adventure into providing Canadians a truly organic, flavourful, experience with Nepali tea!

A tidbit of knowledge for your day: Ananya means “unique” and “having no equivalent”.